Model Structure Rules (US GAAP Taxonomy Architecture)

1 Each Dimension in the context of a Fact should appear as a descendant of [Axis] in at least one [Table] xc-usgt-e:FactWithDimensionNotInAnyPresentationTable
2 In a presentation network, [Axis] should only appear as a child of a [Table] xc-usgt-e:PresentationDimensionPlacement
3 In a presentation network, each descendant of [Line Items] should be a Primary Item of the corresponding [Table] (Abstracts concepts are exempt from this rule) xc-usgt-e:PresentationLineItemNotDefinedInTable
4 Axis defined in presentation, but not in corresponding hypercube xc-usgt-e:PresentationTableExtraneousAxis
5 Axis defined in hypercube, but not in corresponding presentation xc-usgt-e:PresentationTableMissingAxis
6 In a presentation network, only [Axis] and [Line Items] should appear as children of a [Table] xc-usgt-e:PresentationTableOtherConcepts
7 In a Hypercube, all primary items should appear as a primary item in the corresponding presentation [Abstracts are exempt from this rule] xc-usgt-e:TablePrimaryItemNotPresentationLineItem

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