Other Rules

1 Presentation parent-child relationships having the same parent and child in extended links with the same role SHOULD provide preferred labels. frta-w:MissingPreferredLabel
2 Two relationships defined by arcs in the same base set with the "use" attribute having the value "optional", having concepts as targets and sharing the same "from" concept SHOULD have distinct values for the "order" attribute. frta-w:IdenticalOrderAttribute
3 When an arc in an extension is equivalent to an arc in the base, the extension arc SHOULD have a higher priority than the base arc. frta-w:HigherOrderAttributeRecommended
4 A concept MUST NOT have more than one label in a base set for each combination of language and label role in the DTS whose starting point is the schema defining that concept. frta-e:TooManyLabels
5 Each unique taxonomy schema target namespace MUST have one and only one namespace prefix of one to twelve characters, which will be its recommended namespace prefix. frta-e:PreferredPrefixFormatError
6 The role URI in a roleType element MUST be an LRR approved role or begin with the same scheme and authority parts as the target namespace of the taxonomy schema where it appears. frta-e:InvalidRoleTypeRoleURI
7 Concept is deprecated xc-usg-w:DeprecatedConcept

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