Automatable EFM Rules

1 Filers MUST use the DEI DocumentPeriodEndDate element to tag the document's end date of report or period of filing. edgar-dei-e:DocumentPeriodEndDate
2 Document Type '{$document-type}' is not valid. edgar-dei-e:DocumentTypeInvalid
3 Filers MUST use the DEI DocumentType element to identify the document (form) type that is represented by this document. edgar-dei-e:DocumentTypeMissing
4 Document Type '{$document-type}' is not valid for specified document submission type. edgar-dei-e:DocumentTypeNotMatchedToSubmissionType
5 Filers MUST use the DEI EntityCentralIndexKey element to identify the company's CIK (central index key) code. edgar-dei-e:EntityCentralIndexKey
6 Filers MUST use the DEI EntityRegistrantName element to enter the company's name. edgar-dei-e:EntityRegistrantName
7 The Entity Registrant Name is not recognized edgar-dei-e:EntityRegistrantNameMismatch
8 The contents of the dei:EntityCentralIndexKey fact in the Required Context must equal the content of the xbrli:identifier element in that context. edgar-dei-e:InvalidEntityCentralIndexKeyContent
9 An instance covering a reporting period must contain a Required Context that is an xbrli:context having xbrli:startDate equal to 00:00:00 on the first day of the reporting period and xbrli:endDate equal to 24:00:00 on its last day. edgar-dei-e:RequiredContextMissing
10 The content of an arcroleURI attribute in UTF-8 must not exceed 255 bytes in length. edgar-e:ArcroleUriTooLong

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